"Warning I Brake for Corner Workers and Other Small Animals"

This bumper sticker, as I recall, was on the back of Toly's Opel GT.

This topic is dedicated to not only corner workers, but all volunteer workers needed to conduct a race. Many of the articles are humorous, reinforcing the fun loving attitude of corner workers, timing and scoring, tech inspectors, registration, starters, sound control, even stewards.


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1966 S&T - F&C School Written by Zebbie Ramsey 1573
Cold Duck Corner Crew Written by Stephen England 1461
What Am I Doin' Here ? Written by C. O. Ward 1463
The Rest of the Story Written by Bill King 1500
Catchpole Written by Barry Foley 1424
Corner Workers Do Topeka Written by Lindsey Long III 1454
"Rules of Thumb" Written by Patrick McKay 1505
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