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1966 Sixth Annual Ponca City Grand Prix Written by Stephen England 2361
1968 "Sports Car" Pictorial Written by Stephen England 1094
1965 An Absolutely Perfect Weekend Written by Dick Durant & The Daily Oklahoman 1762
1992 Fireworks fitting for a truly roadworthy celebration Written by Denise McCluggage 1235
1973 Ponca City Is A Time Machine Written by Stephen England 1348
1977 Ponca City Grand Prix (Video) Written by John and Jim Lee 1000
1976 Ponca City Grand Prix Slide Show Written by Jerry Doctor 2460
1987 Ponca City Grand Prix Returns Written by Sharon McBride, George England, Patrick McKay and Sherry Huxtable 1790
1961 Birth of an Icon Written by Various 1358
1973 "Oklahoma Today" Article Written by Mike McCarville 1037
1988 "Racing In The Streets" Oklahoma Today Article Written by WK Stratton; photographs by Fred W. Marvel 1296
1964 Drivers Preview & Results Written by Ben Ellis 1220
1975 Pan American Enduro & Other Races Written by Bill Brollier and others 114651
Chicken Fries Written by Eric Wilder 1015
1982 Ponca Goes Silent Written by Dan Bailey 1054
1978 "The Best Ever" ? Written by George England and John Hansford 347650
1972 Bury My Car at Ponca City Written by William Jeanes 2403
1969 The Storm Before the Lull Written by Linda Pavlik, Stephen England and Ron LaPeer 1941
1963 Ponca Turns The Corner Written by A.W. Bud Berg, Ben Ellis, The Daily Oklahoman, Stephen England 2261
1990 SCCA Racing At Its Best Written by Steve England 1150
1970 The Rarest Dash Plaque Written by William "Doc" Foerster, SCCA Westport, Lester Seasongood and Mel Bogus 2447
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