Oklahoma Region Bylaws





Updated December 2003



SECTION 2    PURPOSE: To promote interest in sports cars and other fine automobiles and to encourage their safe and skillful operation by developing, arranging and regulating closed circuit road racing, rallying and other forms of automotive competition by dissemination of information through news releases and club publications and through related social and recreational activities for the instruction and enjoyment of its members.

SECTION 3    EMBLEM: The emblem will be a circular shape design with the Indian in a sports car as the dominant motif. Inscribed will be the phrase: “Oklahoma Region Sports Car Club of America”.


SECTION 1    ELIGIBILTY: Membership is restricted to members in good standing of the Sports Car Club of America, Inc.


  1. A person is duly elected to initial membership upon receipt by the Treasurer of the annual dues together with a properly filled out and executed membership application. Annual renewal of membership is automatic upon payment of annual dues each membership year. The membership year is one (1) year from the date of payment of regional and national dues. Membership will automatically lapse for nonpayment of dues.

  2. A Life Member is a member who is a life member of the Sports Car Club of America, Inc. and pays no annual dues.

  3. A Dual Membership is one in which a Member in good standing of one region elects to also join another region or regions, paying only Regional dues for the regions joined.

SECTION 3    DUES: Dues for the Regional membership shall be $10.00 per year for regular member; $5.00 per year for spouse and junior members; $15 for family membership. Annual dues shall be payable on the anniversary date of membership. Dual memberships are due on the anniversary date of National membership. No refund of dues will be made under any circumstances.

SECTION 4    INDEBTEDNESS: The membership of any member indebted to the Region and delinquent for more than sixty (60) days in such indebtedness will automatically lapse and such member will thereupon forfeit all dues and fees already paid.

SECTION 5    RESIGNATION: A member may resign by letter addressed to the Secretary. His resignation will be effective upon receipt thereof but he shall forfeit all dues and fees already paid.

SECTION 6    SUSPENSION: A member may be suspended at any time without advance notice for infraction of any Region rule or any other cause by a majority vote of the Board of Directors of the Region. A member so suspended will be immediately notified in writing of the suspension and will be entitled to be heard in person or through a representative by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may thereafter continue or terminate the suspension, or expel the member and their decision will be final.


SECTION 1    ORGANIZATION: Regional chapters may be established by amendment to Article 2A in accordance with procedures set forth in Article 9 hereof. Structure and operation of any Chapter so established shall be in accordance with Section 2 through 8 herein below.

SECTION 2    MEMBERSHIP: A Chapter must include a minimum of fifteen (15) members of the Oklahoma Region residing in one general area which is more than 90 minutes normal driving time from the center of Oklahoma City. All Chapter members must have concurrent membership in the Oklahoma Region. It is not required that all Oklahoma Region members in such a specified general area join the Chapter, however, all Oklahoma Region members in such area shall be given the opportunity.

SECTION 3    BYLAWS: Each Chapter shall adopt and abide by the Bylaws of Oklahoma Region and the Sports Car Club of America.

SECTION 4    OFFICERS: Each Chapter shall elect a minimum of four (4) officers, including a President, Secretary, Treasurer and Activities Chairman. The President shall also serve concurrently as a member of the Board of Directors with full responsibility and authority.

SECTION 5    DUES: Regional dues of the Chapter members will be processed and maintained by the Regional Treasurer in accordance with Article 2, Section 3. A Chapter may establish separate dues for Chapter members which shall not be processed through or maintained by the Region.

SECTION 6    FINANCES: All income and expenses in connection with Chapter   events shall be processed through the Chapter Treasurer without need   for reporting or accounting to the Region.

SECTION 7    EVENTS: Chapters may hold, without permission from the Region, events of a local nature providing they do not conflict with Regional events, sanctioned or non-sanctioned.

SECTION 8    SANCTION AND LICENSING: All requests for sanction, calendar listings, licensing of competitors and officials, etc., shall be processed through the Region.


                        Pursuant to Article 2A hereinabove, the ENID CHAPTER, Oklahoma Region of Sports Car Club of America is hereby established. Membership will be drawn primarily from Oklahoma Region members residing in or about the Enid, Oklahoma metropolitan area.


                        Pursuant to Article 2A hereinabove, the LAWTON CHAPTER, Oklahoma Region of Sports Car Club of America is hereby established. Membership will be drawn primarily from Oklahoma Region members residing in or about the Lawton, Oklahoma metropolitan region.


                        Pursuant to Article 2A hereinabove, the STILLWATER CHAPTER, Oklahoma Region of Sports Car Club of America is hereby established. Membership will be drawn primarily from Oklahoma Region members residing in or about the Stillwater, Oklahoma metropolitan region.


SECTION 1    MONTHLY BUSINESS MEETINGS: The monthly business meetings will be announced in the REGIONAL NEWSLETTER prior to the meeting and will furnish the date, time and place of such meeting.

SECTION 2    SPECIAL MEETINGS: Special meetings of the Region may be called at anytime by the Regional Executive on his/her own motion or by the Board of Directors on its own motion and must be called by the Regional Executive on petition of 10% or more of the Region’s members.

SECTION 3    NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETINGS: A written notice of each special meeting stating the date, time, place and purpose thereof will be mailed by the Regional Secretary to every member not less than seven (7) nor more than twenty-one (21) days before such meeting. A notice in the Regional Newsletter will serve as such written notice if it complies with the other requirements set forth above.

SECTION 4    QUORUM: At all meetings of the members a quorum will be ten (10) persons of the Region.

SECTION 5    No action will be taken at any special meeting by the membership unless the intention to consider the subject matter has been set forth in the notice of the meeting. All action, except amendment of these Bylaws will be by a majority of those present and voting. Voting by proxy and by mailed ballot may be allowed at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


SECTION 1    JURISDICTION: The affairs of the Region will be managed by the Board of Directors who establishes policy under the Regional purposes as stated and directs the implementation and execution of such policies. The Board of Directors meet monthly prior to the membership meetings to conduct the business of the Region. Six (6) or more Directors present at a meeting of the Board constitutes a quorum which has authority to act within it’s jurisdiction by majority vote.

SECTION 2    STRUCTURE: The board is composed of a minimum of nine (9) Directors, members in good standing of the Oklahoma Region. Eight Directors positions are elective. Four of these positions are occupied by the Regional Officers who are: Regional Executive, Executive Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Regional Executive serves as chairperson of the Board of Directors and presides at all meetings of the membership and Board. In his/her absence, the other Regional Officers in their order of authority will assume the duties. The ninth Director shall be selected by the Directors at the first meeting following the beginning of the fiscal year. This ninth director will serve as Executive Assistant. Selection of the Ninth Director shall be filled as would any permanent vacancy according to the terms of Section 4, below. In the event Regional Chapters are established, as contemplated in Article 2A, the composition on the Board shall automatically be increased to include the President(s) of said Chapter(s) as non-elective Director(s).

SECTION 3    TERM: The Officers term of office is the membership year for which they are elected. Four of the Director's serve two-year terms, concurrent to two calendar years. Two (2) Directors shall be elected in odd numbered years to positions 1 and 3 and in even numbered years Directors shall be elected to positions 2 and 4. Directors elected shall hold office for two (2) years. Any newly elected or re-elected director or officer shall assume office for the purpose of conducting business for the elective term on January 1 of the year to which they are elected. Officer and Executive Assistant terms end on the succeeding January 1.

SECTION 4    VACANCY: A permanent vacancy on the Board shall be filled by election of Director/Regional Officer for the unexpired term by simple majority vote of the remaining Directors. If the President of an authorized Chapter cannot serve as Director, said Chapter will designate a replacement from the remaining chapter Officers.

SECTION 5    NOMINATIONS: For the purpose of electing Director/Regional Officers, the Directors will call a special nominating meeting which members shall be notified of under Article 3, Section 3. At said nominating meeting the Directors and Director/Regional Officers as specified in Section 2 hereinabove, shall be nominated.

SECTION 6    ELECTIONS: The ballots containing the nominations and for which office they are nominated will be mailed to the membership by the Regional Secretary. All ballots are to be secret and unsigned. Ballots are to be marked accordingly by the member and mailed to the Regional Secretary before the deadline date, which will appear on the ballot. The nominee for Director/regional Officer who receives a plurality of the votes cast for the office shall be elected. If no nominee receives a plurality, there shall be a runoff election between the two nominees who receive the most votes. The two nominees who receive the greatest number of votes shall be elected. Ballots shall instruct voters to cast one vote for one nominee for each Director/Regional Officer and one vote each for two (2) nominees for Director. The Secretary, the Regional Executive, plus a minimum of two other Directors and one member at large, will tally the results to the candidates as soon as possible.

SECTION 7    REMOVAL OF DIRECTOR OR OFFICER: The board of Directors may, at any regular or special meeting, by the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds (2/3) of those Directors voting, remove a Director or Officer from office for infraction of any Club rule or any other cause, including behavior detrimental to the Club or deemed not in the Club’s best interests. Written notice of the proposed action must be sent to all Directors at least 30 days prior to the meeting. The Director whose directorship is in question shall be given an opportunity to be heard at this meeting, but shall have no vote on the question.


SECTION 1    APPOINTMENT: The Regional Executive shall appoint from the membership of the Region the below listed officials and committees together with other committees and boards as deemed necessary, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. Members so appointed will serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors. Action of any appointed officials, committees or boards will be effective only within the authority and responsibility set forth in these Bylaws or delegated by the Board of Directors.

  1. ACTIVITIES CHAIRPERSON: The Activities Chairperson is responsible for planning, scheduling and conducting all Regional events except as otherwise specified by the Board of Directors. He/She will coordinate the efforts of the Race, Rally and Solo II Committees and is automatically a working member of said Committees.

  2. EDITOR of the NEWSLETTER: The Editor is responsible for preparation and distribution of the Gasket Gazette including selection of such staff assistants as the Editor deems necessary.

  3. RALLY COMMITTEE: The Rally Committee will establish standards and rules for the conduct of rallies publish them for distribution to the members and supervise and coordinate Regional Rallies and other similar tests.

  4. RACE COMMITTEE: The race Committee will coordinate the planning and preparation of all sanctioned races and Solo I events in agreement with the provisions in the GCR. Rules for conducting all races, driver’s school, hill climbs and other speed events will comply with the General Competition Rules.

  5. SOLO II COMMITTEE: The Solo II Committee will establish standards and rules for the conduct of Solo II events, publish them for distribution to the members and supervise and coordinate Solo II events and other similar events.

  6. NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The Nominating Committee will compile a slate of nominees for the elective Director/Officer positions and will present said slate as nominations from the floor at the nominating meeting specified in Article 3, Section 5. This will in no way preclude any other nominations from the floor of said nominating meeting.


SECTION 1    Under no circumstances will the Region, it’s property, the Board of Directors, or members be responsible for any debts, damages or liabilities of any kind or nature incurred or sustained by any person acting in its name.

SECTION 2    PERSONAL LIABILITY: All persons or corporations extending credit to, contracting with, or having any claim against the Region or the Director/Officers, will look only to the funds and property of the Region for the payment of any debts, damages, judgment of decree or any other money that may otherwise become due or payable to them from the Region or Director/Officers, so that neither the members of the Region, nor the Directors/Officers present or future, will be personally liable therefore.


The fiscal year of the Region will be the calendar year.


                        The rules contained in “Roberts Rules of Order-Revised” shall govern the Region in all cases they are applicable and in which they do not conflict with these Bylaws.


                        The Board of Directors or twenty (20) members may propose an amendment to the Articles of Association or Bylaws, by submitting such proposal in writing to the Secretary. Such proposal will be submitted to the vote of the entire membership by mailing notice of the proposal to the members, and at least fifteen (15) days will be allowed for voting. If at least two thirds (2/3) of the members voting are in favor of the amendment, it will be adopted. The Board of Directors may at their discretion, devise and use a secret ballot form. The Secretary will cause the result of the balloting to be published for the information of the entire membership.

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