ORDA Grows to 62 Members

 ORDA Grows to 62 Members

(from the October, 1980 Gazette)

 The ORDA ranks grew to 62 with the addition of 12 first schoolers at our 4th Annual Indian Summer Drivers School/Regional race at Hallett October 4 and 5.

Although very understaffed, Oklahoma Region members put on a very successful and well-organized event with the help of very pleasant weather.

Our new drivers are Paul Brown, SSC Rabbit; Judy Bishop, SSC Rabbit; Mark Nance, SSC Rabbit; Howard Hosington, GP Alfa; Steve Streitz, HP Sprite; Gary Copeland, HP Sprite; Bill Hancock, GT3 Datsun; Mike Gassaway, EP Porsche; Mike Colson, FP Midget; Steve Michael, FF Royale; Jimmy Johns, F44O Red Devil, and Susan Ramseyer, FF Crossle. Paul Brown, Bill Hancock, Gary Copeland and Mike Gassaway’s 2nd school requirements either being met by pro school or waved, were entered in Sunday’s race. The other eight drivers did complete their first school requirements and we hope to see them all back on the track soon.

Sunday’s regional race started on time and everything ran very smoothly.

In Race 1, SSA, B & C, G and H production, Oklahoma Region member Sam Kneese finished 3rd in HP; Gary Copeland 4th in HP; Jim Blakewell 4th in SSC; Paul Brown 6th in SSC. John Leisure was unable to start after rolling his GP Datsun up in a ball in turn one during qualifying. John is okay but the Datsun is a write—off.

In Race 2, Mike Gassaway finished 2nd in EP and James Lee 4th in EP. Paul Fortner was unable to start due to engine problems in practice. Bill Hancock was unable to qualify due to engine problems and was prepared to start at the back of the grid when he was bumped from GT3 to GT2 in race four with Paul Fortner’s retirement.

Race 3, for FF, FC, FV and F44O, started with a bang as the green flag dropped. The middle of the pack collided, taking out two Oklahoma Region drivers, Steve Sweet, FF, and Daryl Ingram, FV. This accident took out four other drivers and made a mess of the start/finish line. The rest of the race went well with Jeff Maupin 1st in FF. Wendell Miller was 2nd Ron Franklin 3rd. Ben Harding finished 7th in FF, Leslie Hasman 2nd in F44O and Doug Golden 7th in FV. Mike White retired on lap 5 with accelerator problems.

In Race 4, David Odle finished 2nd in BP and Bill Hanrock finished 4th in GT2.

All in all, it was a very fine weekend of racing and the ODA would like to extend its thanks to all of the Oklahoma Region members who worked the race for their time and a job well done.

One final word to all members of the ORDA--yes, that’s all drivers. We will hold our final meet for the purpose of electing our driver and rookie driver of the year on Tuesday, November 25, at 7:30 p.m. at Shotgun Sam's, NW39th and May Avenue. It is very important that every driver attend the meeting. We will also elect next years chairman and secretary. See you there.

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