1984 Christmas Shopping For The Car Enthusiast

For several years in the early Eighties, Jan Jackson wrote a column title "Jackson Chronicles."  She touched on many subjects, racing, rallyes, women, you name it. This column appeared appropiately in the December, 1984 Gazette. Many of the individuals mentioned have left the Region, or passed on, but Jan's words give insight into life in the 1980s. The photo at the bottom is Don Flegal in his ex-Dave Dooley GT6.

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It's Christmas again and if you're stuck with buying for a car enthusiast it can get real expensive. Time is getting short, so don't plan on ordering by mail ... at least not if you need it this year (or this decade).

Racers and car lovers wilI be happy with nothing other than something thar will make the car look better, go faster, and in many cases - run. So don't waste your money on Trivial Pursuit , jewelry or fine art, they hold no magic for the car nut.

Depending upon what you are able or willing to spend, legitimate gifts can range from twenty dollars, or into the millions. Unfortunately, if you are married to a racer, it is presumed that you have very little to spend (that hasn't already been spent by the mate). You are in the twenty dollars and under range which includes various wrenches (open-end and ratchet ) screw drivers, tire and feeler gauges, gas cans or, a picture of the dream car (if you're at rock bottom). For fifty and below you can find air bottles, a dual split stop watch, or flares, fire extinguishers, and tow ropes for the rallyist. 

A hundred dollars or less will purchase a good battery charger, top and bottom of racer's fire retardant underwear or a good racing bag. Two hundred will purchase a good helmet, one and one half or two racing tires (or street tires). Five hundred will buy a wheel or two, a few tires or various important parts that make the car go. One thousand will certainly buy a spare set of tires and a few wheels.

A million dotlars will buy a race car and finance racing for one season (low budget). Anything over a million will improve the racer's chances of winning.

Since pleasing the car lover is so difficult, I've devised a list of Oklahoma Region members with suggested gifts. I know friends and loved ones will be most appreciative.

For: Walt Bower - A short range radar detector.

Sam Flippo, Rick Shelby, John Saucier, Jim Sesock, Mike Moore and other Showroom Stockers - A bull horn and cassette player to make their cars sound like real race cars.

Dave Brown and Jerry Crew - A ship to shore radio so they can cheat in rallies.

Norm Burrough, Fred Schumacher and other loyal corner workers - Christmas Worker Olympics staged by Santa "Ho" "Ho" Crew.

Gary Brown - A beer-retardant raincoat.

Harlan Farmer - Anything but a Trophy !

John and Cheryl Kuper - A race car (Preferably one that stays on the track).

MacKechnie and Flegal - Buyers.

Jimmy Johns, Gene Harmon, Dennis Lattimer and other 440 drivers - A supply of butter and popping corn.

Sports Renault Drivers - A sledge hammer.

Russ Neely, "Mad " Mike Halley and the Solo Crowd - Untippable pylons.

Hillary Bonham, Dick Fleming and the Tech Inspectors- An x-ray camera to check drivers' bags.

Crews of losing cars - A free pass to Sue Waddle's Crew School.

Carolyn Miller - A GT1 car that repairs itself (so Bruce can race, too and she can go fast).

Mike Anderson and Gary O'Brien - A room addition to the shop for storage of rally stuff.

All GT1 drivers - Ear muffs and smoke detectors.

Jim Blakewell - Long lines at Red Carpet Car Wash.

Dave Dooley, Wiley Hunt, George England - wet T-Shirt Contests at every race.

To: All SCCA Members in Oklahoma Region and across the Country - A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!jack chron gt6

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