1975 Spring Games - Turnpike Series Round 1


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Mark Your Calendars

Collin Moore has confirmed the May 31 SOLO event will be a continuation of the "Turnpike Showdown" series with NEOkla Region at Stroud. This challenge event between Oklahoma Region and NEOkla Region was first reported in the Gazette in 1962. Read about that event here. Read about the 1985 event here.


The War Bonnet Story

meatball...brake hard for the entrance to the hairpin, down to first with the power on hard, slide out just short of the wall and hit second just under that start/finish banner; how vividly it all comes back! (read more)



Sebring 1968 "Its Colder There Than Here"

The Porsches and the Camaros are running like clockwork, DX Corvettesporsche have lost other car with rods out of it. The McComb Mustang has head gasket trouble and is pitting every 10 laps for water, running at 5000 RPM . The Howmet turbine whistles in every few laps for fuel. The Shelby Mustang is using oil like it's going out of style. Along with all this, the cold front has moved in, cold and highwinds just like Oklahoma. (read more)


War Bonnet SCCA Formula 1967 & 1968 (read more)

(Grand Prix of Oklahoma 1968 has been added)



2014 SOLO Champions Announced

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 First 2015 SOLO Event Set For March 28 & 29

SOLO SCHOOL on Saturday March 28 starts the season right !

And, a SOLO event on Sunday March 29 lets us show off what we learned (OR NOT !) 

Register for this event at:



Kliner's Korner 


This gymkhhana was very simple and quite fast. Turn One was a "fooler" toturnone most drivers. This turn was much faster if taken as shown by my dotted line in my diagrams.  In my car the dotted line approach gave me a net gain of over 300 RPM by the end of the long straight. The bump I have indicated helped in this event, because it MADE you be more careful. (read more)


 SOLO Two Gymkhana - September 22, 1968

harris"Your Gymkhanamaster, John Saucier, won Class "A" with yours truly .84 seconds back and Mr. R.P.D Dooley .18 seconds behind me.Class "B" had Larry Bryan, Bob Clark, Claude Greene, Jerry Kenney and John Shows in that order with a spread of only1.28 seconds between 1st and 5th places!" Hank Kliner wrote about this event.  (read more)



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