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This article appeared in the April 8, 1974 Oklahoma Journal, in response to the 1973 OPEC Oil Embargo.

A Nationwide program of saving gasoline was enacted by SCCA in early 1974. The February R.E.Port by Oklahoma region Regional Executive Steve Smith had thiese comments:

"The energy crisis threatens to bear quite heavily on the SCCA and Oklahoma Region. Whether or not we do suffer unduly from the energy problem depends on you and me. It is our responsibility to inform the critics of our sport how much gasoline used for recreation is attributable to our sport (approximately 0.0%) and that the SCCA sanctions economy runs designed to get maximum mileage from our automobiles. To help spread this information Denver is producing a 30-second film promoting the economical use of automobiles to be run by local television stations in public service time slots. This film will be available to the regions in the near future.
Therefore, drive for fun and economy."

Also in the April Gazette David Dooley reported:

"Del Owens, in response to a phone request for a statement of SCCA’s public posture re the obviously nonessential use of automobiles for racing and other recreational uses, stated “We will have racing and other traditional. SCCA activities in 1974”.

Just back from a meeting of SCCA and about 30 others with John C. Sawhill, strong man of Simon’s Federal Energy Office (FEO) in Washington, Del stated the FEO feels a 25% reduction in fuel use would be reasonable and acceptable self restraint on the part of recreational fuel users.

SCCA has reviewed its racing requirements and will soon distribute via press releases and in-organization policy instructions its plans to have a full racing season with 75% as much fuel use as last year. Races will not be reduced in number or length. Rather, savings will be effected by reducing practice and qualifying sessions and eliminating parade laps, cool off laps and every nonessential auto trip heretofore associated with racing events.

Rallies, Solo I and Solo II events, and Other SCCA activities also can be conducted completely as to main events with overall fuel use effected by curtailing supporting activities. (SCCA National reduced the number of National, Divisional and Pro Rallies by 25%. Regions were encouraged to reduce the length of their rallyes by 25%.)

Our own Solo II events will accomplish the fuel saving by adjusting and limiting practice times. Mike Anderson, Solo II Committee Chairman, reports his Committee’s rules for this year’s points events will eliminate the unlimited morning practice sessions, replacing them with periods of instruction and practice on specific driving techniques. Formal courses will be set up at noon and in the actual contests each driver will have exactly the same practice and competing opportunity."

In April, Steve Smith reported  "An added attraction to our monthly meetings will be presentations by recognized authorities explaining how to use our automobiles more economically, effectively and safely. Future topics will include tuning your car for economy, proper tire purchasing and driving techniques.

During 1974 one of the objectives of Oklahoma Region will be to demonstrate to the public that SCCA means safe, economical and enjoyable driving, which saves lives and fuel. The only way to achieve this goal is through you, as a representative at large of the Oklahoma Region, SCCA, by displaying the appropriate driving techniques which draw favorable attention to the Club’s logo on your car."

It is not recorded how many seminars and courses were held, but Jerry Maxwell from Carte-Maxwell did make a presentation at the April Membership meeting.



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