Streeter B. Flynn-Margaret England Award

Streeter B. Flynn-Margaret England Award

Editor's Comment: The following "Nostalgia" article appeared in the April, 1992 Gazette. Streeter "found" the loving cup in his attic, donated it to the Region and unwittingly created a memorial to himself. 

At the awards Banquet on December 28th last year, I chanced to overhear one fairly new member ask another, “What is that Margaret England award all about?”

“I don’t know for sure”, was the reply. They were referring to the award that climaxed the ceremony, and which was awarded to Harlan Farmer. I had noticed the lack of any description of the award and what I had just heard reminded me that probably half of the members present that night really hadn’t been in the club long enough to know what this, our most prestigious award was all about--thus another Nostalgia topic was born!

The Margaret England Award is given to the member, who by secret ballot, is determined by the Region’s Directors to have been the most valuable and outstanding member for that year.

This award started out in 1963 as the Streeter B. Flynn, Jr. trophy, Mr. Flynn, a local banker and early member of the Region donated a beautiful silver loving cup to be awarded each year to the outstanding member as determined by the Region Officers/Directors.

 FLYNN, STREETER B. Treasurer, and congenial bachelor who shares a large two- story beautifully furnished house at 12417 NW 35th with three other bachelors, Streeter is Assistant Cashier at the “Friendly First” National Bank and drives a ‘61 Jaguar Mark IX Sedan. He attends all local rallies and even Nationals, and always officiates at the races, usually at registration. At the present time, he is looking for a genuine Classic to restore and enjoys Model Railroading., sticking to the larger “0” Guage layout. (from December, 1963 Gazette)

 The determination was to consider all phases of club activity, including competition statistics, but the award was heavily weighted in favor of services performed over and above that set forth in any job description or that which is recognized by other trophy or award. The Flynn award was a traveling trophy; each winner’s name would be engraved on the cup and the recipient was to keep the cup until the next year’s winner was announced.

By the end of 1979, seventeen names were engraved on the Streeter B. Flynn cup. Don Craig was the first in 1963, followed in sequence by; George England 1964, Paul Harris 1965, Margaret England 1966, Zebalene Ramsey 1967, Charles Roberts 1968, Paul Grounds, 1969, Henry Ellett 1970, Margaret England 1971, Henry Ellett 1972, Elouise Norris 1973, David Dooley 1974, David Brown 1975, Milburn Brewer 1976, Mike McCarville 1977 (Shown on right), Paul Grounds 1978, and Doris Bonam in 1979.

In October of 1979 the club was shaken by the sudden, untimely death of Margaret England, who since joining the Oklahoma Region in 1962, had come to personify the ideal sports car enthusiast. Three times elected as Region Secretary, first Divisional Administrator of Race Registration, rallyist, solo II driver, crew chief for husband and son, club historian, her accomplishments were too numerous to be repeated here. She twice refused nomination for Regional Executive because she didn’t feel the Region was ready for a female leader at the time. It is significant that she was the first member to be twice voted the Streeter B. Flynn award.

In view of Margaret’s outstanding contribution to the club during her seventeen year’s membership, the Board of Directors in 1980 voted to retire the Flynn trophy and rename the award in Margaret’s name. Thus the Margaret England Award was born, continuing the tradition started by Mr. Flynn, who himself was a great admirer of Margaret, concurring.

Margaret shows her enthusiasm and versatility at the 1978 Crash, Fire and Rescue School.

 Since 1980 the following fourteen names have been added to the “honor roll” of distinguished service to the Oklahoma Region that appear on the Margaret England Award trophy: Frank Smith 1980; Jim Shelton 1981; Leon MacKechnie 1982, 83, & 84; Wiley Hunt 1985; Doris & Hilary Bonham 1986; Jimmy and Gwen Johns 1987, Walter Bower 1988; Gary Brown 1989; Bill Trimble 1990; and Harlan Farmer in 1991.

All together, the thirty-two names inscribed on the Streeter B. Flynn/Margaret England awards represent ‘thousands of hours of largely unsung work and sweat, and occasionally tears, by a handful of people who loved our sport. The Oklahoma Region and the Sports Car Club of America will forever be in their debt.

 Winners of this award since 1991 are listed below and in "Year End Award Winners".


Dan Craig
1964   George England
1965   Paul Harris
1966   Margaret England
1967   Zebbie Ramsey
1968   Charles Roberts
1969   Paul Grounds
1970   Henry Ellett
1971   Margaret England
1972   Henry Ellett
1973   Eloise Norris
1974   David Dooley
1975   David Brown
1976   Milburn Brewer
1977   Mike McCarville
1978   Paul Brown
1979   Doris Bonham
1980   Frank Smith
1981   Jim Shelton
1982   Leon MacKechnie
1983   Leon MacKechnie
1984   Leon MacKechnie
1985   Wiley Hunt
1986   Doris & Hillary Bonham
1987   Jimmy & Gwen Johns
1988   Walter Bower
1989   Gary Brown
1990   Bill Trimble
1991   Harlan Farmer
1992   Jim Blakewell
1993   Patrick McKay
1994   Donald G. Rooker
1995   Jim Duea
1996   Cari Hawes
1997   John & Dianna Orr
1998   Leon MacKechnie
1999   David Bower
2000   Suzanne Woodruff
2001   Larry Bower
2002   Ron Franklin
2003   Sharon McBride
2004   Trisha Clark
2005   David Bower
2006   Michael & Rhonda Glass
2007   Brent Clark
2008   Michael Canaday
2009   Rhonda Glass
2010   Al Donovan
2011   W.B. Sephus
2012   Bob Seelig
2013   Steve England
2015   Meredith Evans
2016   Gary Brown
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