Oklahoma Region June Sprints (1967)

Oklahoma Region June Sprints (1967)

Editor's Comments: For several years in the mid 1960's, the June monthly Oklahoma Region Membership Meeting was held in the tasting room of Lone Star Brewery (formerly the Progress Brewery,  regretfully now closed). These meetings became known as Oklahoma Region June Sprints. The author of this article, and the accompanying "Road Test", was Winchell Chung, a member of Major Jerry Dwelle's B52 crew, as was Bill Hilldreth.  In fact the Major's entire crew of eight joined the Region, and actively particpated in whatever events were held when the B52 crew was not on alert.

? members and guests of the Oklahoma Region gathered at the Lone Star (Brewery) for the Annual June Sprints. The first event involved taking on a set amount of "fuel (the host's product) on the shortest time. For awhile Bill Hildreth, of Clinton-Sherman, held the record, taking on 2/3 of the capacity of the circular brass trophy in 57.5 sec. He was soon unseated by Winchell Chung, of Cordell, who accomplished the feat in 35 sec. to win the trophy.

The second event, made even more challenging by widespread participation in the previous one, was a Jimmy-kana. Driving an obsolete, 2 cylinder, one manpower, tri-wheeled vehicle, entrants navigated a course marked by ceramic pylons and redwood obstructions. An early mark of 28 seconds was set by the Red Baron (Jim Taylor). Shirley Arterburn,wife of Russell, rounded the course 93 times. Her best time of 17 sec. was not accepted however, due to the addition of an unauthorized stabilizer bar in the form of W. B. Hunt.

Another disqualification was our R. E.'s 15.5 sec., due to a major course deviation (failure to round a single pylon). Russell Arterburn, Chairman of timing and scoring, miraculously survived a head on collision with a trash can for a record high of 43 sec.

Tom Yarbrough's sprint of 23.2 sec. around the course with the vehicle neatly tucked underneath his arm was disallowed by officials, ruling that both feet must remain inside the vehicle.

Late arrival Steve Whitney hastily entered the refueling contest, a prerequisite for participation, and negotiated the course with cool precision in 25.2 sec. to win the event. He was awarded the first component of his new car, a slightly used Abarth piston.

Your reporter offers apologies for any inaccuracies or omissions, which may be attributed to his enthusiastic participation in the refueling contest.



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