by: George England (August 1991 Gazette)


Earlier this year I wrote about a couple of the outstanding female members of the Oklahoma Region. One was Elouise Norris, whose great contribution felI in years past; the other, Rebecka Shaw, our current Regional Executive. At that writing, I promised you I would recognize the efforts of other of our great distaff members from time to time. 

This month I wish to tell you about the one and only Zebalene Ramsey, now deceased, but whose efforts on behalf of the Region will not soon be forgotten.

Zebbie, as we aII knew her, joined the Oklahoma Region in October of 1963, together with her son Ruedy, who was a student at OU at the time. Zebbie was not talkative about her pre-SCCA history and few if any of us knew what her background was, but that didn't matter. From the very first, she jumped into club activities both as a competitor and worker in rallies and gymkhanas (SOLOII in 1963 lingo) and as a Flag & Comm. person for the races.

In April of 1965, Zebbie and Ruedy entered their first race driving school at the Cushing Airport, a NEOKLA sponsored event (we were to host a school there some five years later). Zebbie was driving a Lotus 7 while Ruedy was campaigning one of the first Formula V's. Zebbie did well in the school and passed with flying colors but that was the end of her race driving. Her first love in racing was in F & C and she continued to work ceaselessly at F & C for the balance of her career in SCCA. Son Ruedy, by the way, went on to compete several years in Formula V.

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 In the following year of L966, Zebbie took on the then elected job of Gasket Gazette editor. At the national convention that year, the Gazette received honorable mention for a publication of our size Region. In L967 Zebbie relinquished the editor-ship of the Gazette to Jack Easterly and was elected Oklahoma Region Treasurer. During these years she continued to be an ardent rallyist and was present at every club event as either a competitor or worker.It was no surprise when Zebbie was voted the recipient of the 

Streeter B. Flynn Award (now known as the Margaret England Award) in 1967 for outstanding service to the club.

Zebbie's career as a rallyist continued unabated and in 1969 she was appointed RaIIy Board Chairman. At the same time she was devoting equal energy to F & C work at the races and this same year saw her appointed as Regional Chief of F & C, an appointment that spanned the next five year period.

It was in the years 1969 through 1973 that many consider Zebbie Ramsey's contribution to the Oklahoma Region was at its peak. Zebbie was a perfectionist when it came to F & C procedures and her corner workers were known throughout MIDIV as among the very best. It was in 1972 that Zebbie organized our first Fire, Crash and Rescue School. This was to become the model for MIDIV in ensuing years. With aII this, she maintained an ardent rallyist and was twice Rallymaster of our Warpath Divisional Rally itself a MIDIV legend.

z 1Zebbie, active as she was in club affairs, remained a very private person and not many knew the lady weII. Her last year in the club was 1976, and after that she just "faded away" although she remained in our metropolitan area, few members were to see her and I confess I too Iost track of her. A bit over a year ago I was told that Zebalene had gone to her last resting place. If there is auto racing where she is, you can bet she'lI have organized a corner crew and never misses a race!


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