December 2, 2013 Meeting Minutes

OKSCCA Board/Membership Meeting Minutes

December 2, 2013

Board members present were Larry Bower, Gary Brown, Al Donovan, John Ederer, Jeff Norris, Patty Topp, Michelle Seelig, and Keith Voyles.

1.       Treasurer’s report:

As of November 1, Patty reported $7108.31 in the checking account.       Savings account balance is 6673.13.

Event #10 made $133.84. All bills paid.

Gary motioned to accept the treasurer’s report, Jeff seconded; motion carried.

2.       Secretary’s report:

Membership as of November: 167

Gary motioned to accept meeting minutes for November, Jeff seconded; motion carried.

3.       Club racing report:

Majors at Hallett and Heartland Park next year.

Jeff motioned to accept the Club racing report, Gary seconded; motion carried.

4.       SOLO report:

SOLO team audited results for the year: 16 trophies needed. Trophies will be garments of some kind. Scott will get more info out to the board via email.

The SOLO team invited Kristy McCormick and her husband to the banquet.         

Patty motioned to accept the SOLO report, Al seconded; motion carried.

5.       Old Business:


6.       New Business:

          MidDiv asked if we would host a Divisional SOLO. After a discussion by    the board, the offer was declined due to having a new SOLO team.

John motioned to adjourn, Patty seconded; meeting adjourned.

Next meeting January 25, 2014, 7:00 p.m., Cattlemen’s Steakhouse.

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