October 7, 2013 Meeting Minutes

OKSCCA Board/Membership Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2013

Board members present were Larry Bower, Gary Brown, Al Donovan, John Ederer, Jeff Norris, Patty Topp, Michelle Seelig, and Keith Voyles.

1.       Treasurer’s report:

Patty reported $4959.61 in the checking account. Savings account balance is $6672.68.

Lost $2.51 on SOLO event #7.

Gary motioned to accept treasurer’s report, Michelle seconded; motion carried.


2.      Secretary’s report:

          167 members as of September.

          Jeff motioned to accept September meeting minutes, Gary seconded;

motion carried.

3.       Club racing report:

Runoffs: Jack Donnellan finished 6th in S2, David Van Hooser finished 11th in FM.

          Michelle motioned to accept race report, John seconded; motion carried.

4.       SOLO report:

          Event #7 on 9/15 had 53 entries.

          Event #8 was yesterday, had 60 entries.

          Event #9 in two weeks.

          Keith was asked about hosting a MidDiv SOLO event. John will discuss

with the SOLO team.

Gary motioned to accept report, Patty seconded; motion carried.

5.       Old business:

Banquet: Tax on service charge needs to get fixed. Michelle will call Charlie at Cattlemen’s.

Gary motioned to accept old business, Michelle seconded; motion carried.

6.       New business:

Discussion about a banner to display at SOLO events with our new website. Gary motioned to allocate up to $100 for a banner, Jeff seconded; motion passed.

Rocky presented information about The Project Funder. A lengthy board discussion followed. The board expressed the following concerns:

  • Getting enough sponsors
  • How sponsors would be viewed on our web site
  1. Rocky will discuss web page set-up with his partner and report his findings to the board at a later date
  • What if we do not make $300 per month?

The board will continue discussion, and reach an agreement early next year, when the new board is in place and the new SOLO season is approaching.

Jeff motioned to accept new business, Patty seconded; motion carried.

John motioned to adjourn, Patty seconded; meeting adjourned. Next meeting November 4, 2013, 7:00 pm.   

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