SOLO II Supplementary Regulations

2007 SOLO II



Unless otherwise stated herein, the current S.C.C.A. SOLO II Rules will be in effect in their entirety.

These regulations can only be modified by a majority vote of the Region’s Board.

National SCCA guidelines for Safety will be followed during all Oklahoma Region SCCA Solo II Events.

Regular Committee meetings may be held at the discretion of the Solo Chair.

Regional Series Championship

Only Oklahoma Region SCCA members are qualified to earn points towards this Championship.

Events will usually be held between the months of March and November. The events will be held normally on Sundays.


The Regional Summer Series will consist of approximately 12 “Points Events”. Additional “Non-Points Events” may be scheduled at the discretion of the Solo Chair and/or Committee. Special “Double Points” events may be scheduled at the discretion of the Solo Chair and/or Committee.

Points will be awarded in each class from 1st through 9th place on a 12-9-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 basis.


The total points from each competitor’s best nine (9) “Points” events will count towards the series championship in each class. In case of a tie, the greater number of 1st place finishes from the nine (9) “Points Events” shall decide, followed by greater number of 2nds, etc..

Trophy Classes are established as follows: National SCCA Solo II Rules will apply to all regular car classes and will be counted in the Championship Series. Additional PAX classes including, but not limited to Sportsman (X), Masters (M), and Street Tires (T) will be included in the Championship Series at the discretion of the Solo Chair.

Novice (N) Class will not be included in the Championship Series due to the graduation of entrants who win that class in mid-season events and who are then forced to move on to Sportsman Class. Novice class is open to any entrant who has not previously been awarded first place in Novice Class. Entrants who are obviously competitive in their respective open class may be disqualified or moved into Sportsman class at the sole discretion of the Solo Chair and/or Event Chair/Committee.


Eligibility for year-end Championship standing requires that entrants must compete in at least fifty one percent (51%) of the scheduled events in the same class.

Event place awards/trophies (i.e., 1st place, 2nd place 3rd place, etc) will be awarded. Entrants or a representative must be at trophy presentation to receive one.

Entrant must be available and have completed all work assignments as directed by the Event Coordinators or will be disqualified from the event and Championship Series.


Year-end class trophies will be awarded to the qualified entrant who has the highest number of points scored in their best nine (9) “Points Events” in each trophy class. Special trophies may be awarded at the discretion of the Solo Chair.

“Perfect Season” trophy. This award is for any entrant who enters, competes, and wins in all twelve (12) events in a single base class.


“Karen Flippo Hot Shoe” Award, Male & Female – This award is for the fastest of the fast. Winners of this award will have the highest average PAX score in a Base class over the entire 12 event season.

Solo II Event Operation

The Solo Chair will appoint an Event Chair for each event. The Event Chair is responsible for the proper organization, conduct, and overall operation of the event.

Pre-Registration is usually available online. Registration on the day of the event typically opens at 730am and closes at 830am. Some flexibility may be offered under special circumstances but is not guaranteed. Pre-registration or early registration is strongly encouraged so that the event can begin on schedule.

Entrant is responsible for the correct classification under the Solo II Rules. Any question about a car’s proper classification, including protests, should be brought to the attention of the Solo Chair and/or Event Coordinators prior to the commencement of the event. Cars that are not eligible for the class marked on the car will be disqualified from the event and Championship Series.

Correct number and class must be shown on both sides of entrant’s car before the start of a timed run. Numbers and classification are required to be clearly visible on both sides of the car and should be in contrasting color (light on dark etc). Numbers should be a minimum of 8” tall and classes should be a minimum of 4” tall. Only the appropriate number and class should be displayed on the car when it approaches the start line. All other numbers and/or letters shall be either removed or marked out completely in order for the scorekeeper to correctly log the event results. Improperly marked cars may be disqualified at the discretion of the Solo Chair and/or Event Chair and timing/scoring staff. Shoe polish and/or numbers on windows are strictly prohibited. Proper display of numbers must be verified at tech inspection prior to the commencement of the event. Cars that do not meet these requirements will not be given proper Tech clearance and will subsequently be unable to participate in the event. If number/class is not clearly visible to the timing/scoring staff, competitor’s times may be dropped.

All entrants are required to attend the Driver’s meeting that is held just prior to the event’s commencement – No Exceptions.

A PAX index formulated by SCCA is used in an attempt to “equalize” the performance of a wide variety of vehicles. Current PAX Classes include Sportsman (X) for experienced drivers, Novice (N) for new and/or inexperienced drivers, Masters (M) for drivers age 55 and older, and Tire (T) for those running on common street tires. Other PAX classes may be added at the discretion of the Solo Chair and/or Committee.

Entrants may register for any single regular class and one additional PAX class. Different cars may be used in each class provided the second car’s classification is bumped to the next higher PAX class index.

Entrants competing two (2) classes must complete their Regular class prior to beginning their PAX class.

Whenever possible, after beginning a timed run each car may not reenter the course until a minimum of 10 cars have preceded or 5 minutes have elapsed between leaving the course and starting the next run.

An unlimited number of drivers may enter in a single car provided the staging allows. Multiple driver cars should be brought to the attention of the event coordinators early to ensure adequate time for driver change rotations.

Each entrant, or a designated representative, will be required to work at least one work session at a location designated by the event coordinators. Anyone who does not fulfill their work assignment may be disqualified from the event and/or the Championship Series and forfeit any points, trophies or inclusion in the final results sheet. Entrants who establish a record of missing work assignments may be restricted from future events.

At no time during the event shall any entrant, crewmember, or worker consume any intoxicating or illicit substance. The penalty for such action shall be the immediate suspension of the offender from all further Oklahoma Region SCCA Solo II events for the duration of the year and automatically forfeiting eligibility for any/all points, awards for all events and the Championship Series.

Event trophies will be limited to the top finishers in each class. The number of top finishers will depend on the number of entrants participating in that class. Larger classes will have more trophies and smaller classes will have fewer trophies.

Fun Runs will be offered at the discretion of the Event coordinators.

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